5 reasons to use an estate agent for a sale

Selling a real estate property apartment or house is not easy when you are an individual. And for good reason: when it comes to real estate transactions, there are not only many factors to take into account but also quite a few steps to take in order to make an effective sale!

At what price to sell my property? Where to publish my ad? How to find future buyers? What steps to take before selling? Many questions generally arise in the heads of sellers when putting their apartment or house on the real estate market which can make the selling process more complex and longer to complete.

What if you turn to real estate professionals to sell better and faster?

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With a real estate market increasingly tense especially in the south of France and the French Riviera, real estate agencies have more than ever the wind in their sails. It must be said that thanks to their experience of the market and their precise knowledge of the geographical area where you are located, real estate agents are the best placed to support you in a quick, healthy and serene sale project.

At Logi-Service, for example, our real estate experts accompany many individuals each year in their sales project in the Gulf of Saint Tropez. Whether it is for an apartment or villa sale, we help individuals to find their future buyers in Port-Grimaud, Grimaud and surroundings.

You want to sell your main residence or your second home: discover without delay the advantages of going through a real estate agent to realize your selling project in the best conditions.

Why use a real estate agent to sell? 5 reasons to convince you

When you make the decision to sell, it's often difficult to know where to start. Yet, it is by respecting the different key stages of a sale that you will be able to transfer your property without stress.

Many individuals try each year to sell their apartment or house themselves without going through real estate agencies. Unfortunately, faced with the multiplicity of offers and a tense market between buyers and sellers, many end up turning to real estate agents used to the sector and the current market in order to sell their property.

70% of sellers go through real estate agents to facilitate the sale of their home.

And in this matter, buyers are not left out either. Because it is often more reassuring to entrust its search for a primary or secondary home to a professional rather than going directly through a private individual, buyers mostly entrust their purchase project to real estate agents able to target their expectations and needs.

Putting one's property in a real estate agency therefore optimizes the possibilities of selling quickly, but this is not the only advantage!

Focus on the different reasons to entrust your selling project to a real estate professional.

1. Have a fair estimate of the price of your property


Pricing a home is surely the most complex part for people not used to the exercise. Too often, owners tend to overprice their property against the market which makes the selling process inefficient and time consuming.

As an individual, it is indeed difficult to give an objective value to one's property because one often attaches memories or even a sentimental value that buyers cannot understand, nor appropriate. Similarly, if it is a secondary property in which you have invested time and money in work for example, you may be overvaluing the sale price by taking into account factors of hardship lacking objectivity.

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The evaluation of the price of an apartment or a house for sale by an external person is then essential in order to give a fair value to your property.

To help you make this estimate, a real estate agent can accompany you in order to estimate the real value of your property through objective criteria. Surface area, location, condition, competition, it is by analyzing all these parameters that the real estate agent will be able to set the most appropriate selling price. Moreover, a real estate agency has access to real selling prices, that is to say market prices and not only those displayed in the various published ads.

Thanks to this detailed information, the real estate agent will therefore be able to provide you with a fair price estimate for your property in order to optimize the sale.

Request a sale estimate

2. Professional services to facilitate the sale

Real estate agents have tools, tricks and knowledge that help optimize real estate transactions through various means. Because of this, real estate agents are able to offer you special services dedicated especially to your real estate sale project.

Preparing the ad, taking photos or even virtual visits to simplify the research of potential buyers, a real estate agent takes care of everything to allow you to reach your real estate sale goal in the best time and conditions.

But that's not all! With a complicated market in many geographical areas, real estate agencies today offer more and more additional services to make sales projects more efficient and offer the possibility for sellers to transfer their property more easily.

Among the services offered, home staging is certainly the most frequently offered in recent years.

Offering owners the opportunity to sublimate their primary or secondary dwelling without having to perform major work, the home staging trend allows a property to be enhanced at a lower cost. In fact, home staging allows through small actions of partial renovation to put the property in the trend and allow future buyers to project themselves or even provoke a crush at the time of the visit!

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Optimize your sale and make a faster transaction

Our real estate agency Logi-Service located in Port-Grimaud in the Var (83) offers a personalized home-staging service to help you sell your property at the best price.

Benefit from the advice of our specialists increase the attractiveness of your
apartment or villa for sale in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

Take advantage of a home staging service

If you are a homeowner, also discover our complete home management service
to help you manage your property throughout the year.

3. Take advantage of effective marketing of your property

In the same way that the professional services of a real estate agency help to highlight the property for sale, it is also important to highlight the property to optimize its sale in a shorter time frame.

In this regard, one fact stands out: real estate agency websites are the most visited spaces by people looking for a property to buy.

According to a Médiamétrie study, more than one French person out of three visits a real estate website or app to find a property to buy or rent.

This figure reveals that the online distribution of ads is a key point in the success of a sale. In the digital age, real estate agencies therefore offer privileged broadcasting media to highlight its property among other ads. While sites dedicated to individuals are often a bit expensive and require a financial contribution to carry out the highlighting of your ad, by going through a real estate agent you benefit from an increased visibility of your offer.

Whether it is on the agency's professional website, on the agency's shop window, on the social networks, on newsletters or even in magazines, your ad will be visible in several places to multiply the chances of obtaining a qualified purchase offer.

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The real estate agent also knows who the targets of your ad are and the buyers most likely to be interested!

Because he or she has a long address book and an extensive network, the real estate agent is able to highlight your property in particular on certain media to help you sell better. In addition, publishing your ad on a verified site such as that of a real estate agency with a positive reputation will give potential buyers confidence.

This is why it is recommended to trust a real estate agency to promote your apartment or house sale ad.

4. Save time on the real estate sale

When you decide to sell a home, it involves having the time to take care of all the formalities.

Availability is, in fact, one of the main requirements for making a good real estate sale. Between the calls from potential buyers, the sorting of files, the visits or even the emails, you need to have the time to be able to deal with everything and it is therefore very often difficult as an individual to manage everything at the same time.

When using a real estate agent, all these actions are managed professionally. After using a real estate agency and entrusting the sale of your property to an agent via an exclusive mandate or simple mandate, you are relieved of the formalities of the transaction.

No more nuisance calls and visits to plan in your personal schedule: your mandated real estate agent takes care of everything to save you time.

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Privileged interlocutor between the buyers and you, the latter plays both the role of a professional intermediary and mediator. It is through him that all the information and possible purchase offers will pass through so that he can accompany you with his experience in your sales journey.

Thanks to his expert eye, the real estate agent will then select as a priority the most reliable and most likely buyers of your property to avoid visits from the curious. In the same way, the real estate agent in charge of the sale of your villa or apartment will send you the most advantageous purchase offers with respect to the sale price evaluated and set beforehand to save you time and offer you the possibility of making an advantageous transaction.

5. Advice and expertise for a secure transaction

You can't improvise yourself as a real estate agent. A regulated profession, being a real estate agent requires specific knowledge that guarantees the execution of reliable transactions at all levels.

It must be said that a real estate sale is not trivial!

Selling a property meets commercial, legal and technical obligations that must be known in order to protect the seller and the buyer in all stages of the transaction. By using a real estate agent for the sale of your primary or secondary residence in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, you therefore ensure peace of mind.

The mandatory diagnostics, the conditions of sale and more generally the documentation related to the transaction, everything is managed by your real estate agency.

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Thanks to this external and professional help, you make sure to avoid unpleasant surprises throughout your selling process and you also reassure the buyer who is also dealing with a professional whose exercise and missions are framed by the Hoguet law (law n° 70-9 of January 2, 1970).

A real estate agent also offers you his expertise and advice to accompany you in the best way in the realization of your sale project but also on other real estate projects depending on your situation.

Are you selling your primary residence and looking for a new one? Are you looking to make a seasonal rental investment? Are you looking for a second home by the sea? A specialist real estate agent and an entire real estate agency team can help you realize all your projects.

Our agency Logi-Service in Port-Grimaud accompanies sellers and future buyers or renters in their research. Que vous souhaitiez acheter une maison à Grimaud, une villa ou un appartement dans le Golfe de Saint-Tropez ou encore que vous cherchiez une location ou un investissement en résidence secondaire dans le secteur de Saint Tropez, nous vous accompagnons de l'étude à la finalisation de votre projet.

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