Renovating a property in Port-Grimaud: an asset for selling and renting

Renovate your property in Port-Grimaud: follow Logi-Service advice.

Inimitable paradise between land and sea, the lakeside town of Port-Grimaud benefits from an ideal location on the French Riviera. Thanks to this advantageous geolocation and a unique lifestyle, many people therefore seek to move there as their primary or secondary residence each year.

As a result, the region's property market is booming, making it more important than ever to stand out with an exceptional property.

Do you want to sell your property in Grimaud or Port-Grimaud? Do you want to rent your flat or house? Think about renovation to optimise your transactions and your real estate projects!

Renovating your property is an ideal solution to give your home some character or even give it a second youth. In fact, it is advisable to renovate your property entirely or partially every 5 years to optimise the value of your home on the market.

Kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, each room in a flat or house requires special maintenance to remain up to date and take full advantage of its assets. This can involve upgrading and major refurbishment work or more sober but formidably effective actions such as home-staging interventions, for example.

To accompany you in your renovation and property enhancement project, the Logi-Service real estate agency in Port-Grimaud gives you all its advice to take advantage of an optimum property at all levels.

Home-staging renovation proposal by Logi-Service in Port-Grimaud
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Why operate the renovation / home staging of your property to sell?

Over the years, it is a fact: the interior of a home ages. Whether in style or in layout, it is often necessary to review the interior to bring it up to date and modernise it. For this, it is often essential to go through an interior renovation service or even a home staging service.

Indispensable solutions to sublimate an interior, renovation and home staging are more and more requested by house and flat owners. And for good reason: renovating an interior has many advantages beyond purely aesthetic embellishment!

Renovating a property is, for example, a real boost to making a healthy and efficient property sale.

Focus on the advantages of a renovation to sell or rent your flat or house.

1. Allow the buyer to project himself

When a property is put up for sale, it is very often offered as is. As a result, the interior is generally in the image of the former inhabitants in terms of decoration and layout. While this may seem normal, it is a point that is often noted as a drawback in the conclusion of a sale. Many owners struggle to find buyers without going through a refresh and depersonalisation stage.

Do you want to sell quickly and on price? Be aware that the potential buyer needs to be able to project himself into the interior of your house or flat.

Thanks to this personal projection, the potential buyer already imagines himself as an owner and makes the place his own by imagining it with his furniture, his tastes and according to his needs. Total or partial renovation via decorating tricks therefore makes it possible to make the premises more neutral in order to allow the buyer to project himself into his potential real estate purchase to make an offer.

2. Putting your property back into the decorating trend

If decorating is a matter of taste, it is also a matter of trend!

The decoration of your interior corresponds to your personal character and taste. However, you should not ignore current trends to bring your home up to date when it is put on the property market. If you want to sell your flat or house, it is essential to keep in mind that it is no longer you that your property must appeal to, but potential future buyers.

In addition to depersonalising the premises, it is therefore advisable to modernise the space with sober and effective decorating trends.

A new paint job in your kitchen, living room or bathroom, new discreet furniture and an airy layout: many solutions exist to modernise your interior in order to arouse the interest of buyers looking for a clean and neat home to buy.

3. Optimising your investment

Buying a property is an investment. Whether it's a primary residence or a second home, buying a house or flat is still a reliable way to invest your money over the long term. However, if an interior is left untouched for several years, the property naturally loses value and easily competes with other properties available on the market. As a result, the investment is no longer as well optimised as when you bought it.

Thanks to renovation, regain the benefit of your real estate investment and enjoy an easy resale at the price or even with added value!

An flat and/or house that has been well maintained through modernisation and renovation interventions is much more likely to be sold quickly at price. A nice renovation can also help to sell with an increase in value especially in case of a crush. This will allow you to make a good operation for your real estate investment.

4. Provoking the crush

The renovation of a property is a sales accelerator.

In an increasingly competitive market, especially in the Gulf of Saint Tropez and particularly in Port-Grimaud where properties are highly sought after, it is important to stand out with a different proposition. In this respect, renovation and home-staging are solutions that can concretely boost sales.

By changing the appearance and layout of the interior, it is possible to provoke the famous "coup de coeur" sought by all buyers. And who says "coup de coeur" very often says offer!

Renovation is therefore an advantage for selling your flat quickly and well or your house. By opting for small decoration and renovation works, it is possible to optimise your chances of selling your property in the shortest possible time and at the best price.

Renovation and home staging make renting easier too!

Want to put your home for rent?
Decoration and furnishings also play into the choice of tenants.

Because tenants are looking for a home they feel comfortable walking through the door, consider decorating and staging your rental property to maximise your chances of an annual or seasonal rental.

Logi-Service offers a custom home staging service: take advantage of it to enhance your Gulf of Saint Tropez property now.

See our Home-Staging service

How to properly renovate your flat or house in Port-Grimaud

A real estate buyer makes his decision in the first 90 seconds of the visit. The first visual impression is therefore essential in order not to lose the potential to buy!

Renovating a property is therefore an absolute must for creating the coup de coeur effect with potential buyers.

Unless thermal renovation work or major repairs are required, it is possible to carry out small works and alterations to enhance the value of your property and facilitate the sale. Paint, furniture, fittings: the needs can vary from one home to another.

However, it is essential to optimise the costs of embellishing a property put up for sale. The objective: to sell better by investing reasonably to bring the interior up to date.

This is why it is recommended to use tricks to modernise the interior without necessarily having to redo everything.

Want to update the aesthetics of your home before you sell it? Discover two solutions to make an effective visual renovation for sale.

Hire an interior designer for a redesigned space

An interior designer is one of the professionals you can contact if you have an interior renovation project. Thanks to their knowledge of good layout practices and their knowledge of decorating trends, an interior architect will be able to propose a complete atmosphere for your interior.

With his expert eye, the interior architect is able to :

  • Revisit the volumes
  • Rethink the decoration
  • Create a real identity for the interior
  • Think about the practicality of the space

Through various interventions and small works, the interior designer designs a living space that reflects what you want. This is an excellent solution if you want to invest in real estate by renovating a flat or a house, if you are buying a home that you want to give your image or if you plan to rent your home.

However, this service can be a little expensive and therefore less advantageous if you want to sell your property.

Opting for home staging to modernise an interior for less

Born in the United States in the 1970s under the impetus of interior decorator Barbara Schwarz, the concept of home staging has been a real success for several years. Created to alleviate the problems of selling certain properties in an increasingly competitive real estate market, the practice of home staging consists of revaluing homes quickly and at the best price.

Via simple and inexpensive techniques highlighting in particular the existing, the home stager takes charge of revealing the charm and the cachet of the dwelling.

The home stager then stages the space thanks to precise interventions:

  • Paint refreshment
  • Relooking furniture (changing handles...)
  • Rearranging furniture
  • De-personalizing the decor to help the buyer project himself
  • De-cluttering the space

These real estate enhancement practices aim to sublimate volumes, emphasize luminosity and strong elements of the interior.

Home-staging renovation proposal by Logi-Service in Port-Grimaud
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Home staging is therefore an excellent option if you want to sell your property quickly and at the best price. Economical and efficient, home staging generally represents only 2% of the selling price.

What to take advantage of a successful sale at the set price or even with more value in case of a crush!

As real estate professionals in Port-Grimaud in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, we know how important it is to present an attractive home to stand out on the market. This is why Logi-Service offers you a dedicated home staging service.

Do you find it difficult to sell your home or second home? Do you want to make your property more attractive on the real estate market? Take advantage of our home staging service to renovate your property for sale at a lower cost in Port-Grimaud and surroundings.

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