Sailing in Port Grimaud: what you need to know to discover the lakeside town by boat

Visit Port Grimaud aboard a boat and let yourself be carried away to discover the treasures of little Provençal Venice.

One of the most famous marinas in the world, Port Grimaud attracts more and more people every year. Whether they are tourists looking for a comfortable holiday resort or future buyers looking looking for a main property or a second home on the Côte d'Azur , the lakeside city designed by François Spoerry benefits more than ever from an exceptional power of attraction thanks to its unique art of living and its unique peaceful environment.

Installed at the water's edge, it must be said that the town of Port Grimaud enjoys an ideal location to shine on the Mediterranean. Presented as one of the first marinas on the Côte d'Azur, Port Grimaud is a perfect place to fully discover the French Riviera.

And what could be better than taking the sea to take full advantage of this exceptional location!

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Navigation is indeed the best solution to discover the Mediterranean rim. Whether it is to explore the lakeside city or to go further and shine in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, nothing is more suitable than yachting. The solutions for sailing in Port Grimaud are also numerous and offer many possibilities for all tastes.

So, ready to sail in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean? Your Logi-Service real estate specialist will tell you everything to go sailing serenely from Port Grimaud.

How to navigate in Port Grimaud?

In a true "Venice of Provence", Port Grimaud favors the boat before any other mode of travel and transport.

It must be said that navigation is fully at the heart of the DNA of this small town in the south of France surrounded by water. Thanks to the navigation, you can easily discover all the treasures of this exceptional location in PACA , without the stress of the car or traffic jams.

In this case, Port Grimaud offers many solutions for yachting enthusiasts. Electric boat, boat, easy personal mooring in front of the homes: whether for a day or longer, everything is done on site to facilitate navigation and make the Grimaud experience even more unforgettable.

Zoom in on the solutions available for sailing in Port Grimaud.

Ecological tourist transport with water check marks

Very attached to its special art of living, the small town of Port Grimaud is keen to maintain total serenity in the heart of its streets and on its various canals. This is why, with the aim of tranquility, ecology and sustainable preservation of the place, the lakeside city promotes green and alternative means of maritime transport.

At the top of the options offered, the water coaches are very popular with locals and visitors alike .

Port Grimaud electric water coche - Logi-Service

Mainly used since the 17th century for the transport of passengers and goods, water coaches are still relevant today in the lakeside city. Powered by innovative solar technology since 2011 , this silently navigating means of transport makes it possible to offer a transport solution throughout the lake city.

The HPCO company, owner of the water coaches, therefore operates these flat and covered boats thanks to the power of the sun at 80% to serve all of Port Grimaud on a daily basis.

Rental of electric boats and electric boats

Since its creation and even more today, Port Grimaud has adopted a policy of strict protection of its unique environment between land and sea.

For this, green transport is favored within the lakeside city with a large place given to electric boats. During your visit, you can therefore easily rent an electric boat without a license which will allow you to stroll in peace on the canals of the city.

Port Grimaud electric boat for hire - Logi-Service

Departing from the pier at the foot of the remarkable church of Port Grimaud or at the entrance to the lakeside city, the electric boats offered by different companies are quite numerous which offers many possibilities to discover the whole of the lakeside city by the waters.

Boat rental with or without license

Although electric boats are preferred, you can also opt to hire a motor boat with a classic license to explore the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

With an electric boat, you can easily navigate all the canals of the lakeside city, however, aboard an electric boat you will not be able to leave the lakeside city to visit the rest of the coast.

Do you want to shine throughout the Tropezian Gulf? No problem: you can rent a semi-rigid or rigid motor boat with or without a skipper depending on your needs from Port Grimaud.

Rental of boats and sailboats with or without license Port Grimaud - Logi -Service

Sailing in an owner's boat or sailboat

If you own a motor boat or a sailboat, Port Grimaud is accessible to you for sailing.

Before setting sail for the lakeside city, check with the various ports (listed below) in order to find out about the berths available. Also, if you have purchased or if you are renting a house in Port Grimaud you can very often benefit from a dedicated personal mooring linked to the dwelling .

In all cases, it is therefore possible to sail in Port Grimaud with your own boat under certain conditions.

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The different ports of Port Grimaud

To accommodate all the boats coming for a trip in the famous Gulf of Saint-Tropez, Port Grimaud is made up of 3 marinas.

These three locations dedicated to boaters offer moorings in season and off season with different equipment:

  • Port Grimaud I

With possible mooring on concrete quays with floating pontoons with hangers, Port Grimaud I offers a reception pontoon arranged in the extension of the harbor master's quay. This port has 838 berths including 265 berths for visitors on mooring lines . With water, electricity on the quay (220-380 V / 16-32-63-125 A ) and pontoon ( 220 V / 32 A ), this port is also equipped various amenities including 12 toilets and showers, a laundromat, a bank with vending machine and waste sorting.

  • Port Grimaud II Sud

This port offers mooring on mooring lines and daughter chains. A public mooring on a floating pontoon and on a quay is available on the central square of Port Grimaud, Place François Spoerry. In this port, anchors and buoys are prohibited and the basin has a total depth of only 3 meters over the entire basin. With a capacity of 814 berths including 66 public berths and 15 berths for visitors (boats under 18 meters), this port is a practical solution for boaters visiting Port Grimaud.

  • Marina de Port Grimaud

The port of the Marina of Port Grimaud is made up of 500 berths including 60 places reserved for visitors (boats less than 20 meters). This port, made up of fixed pontoons and mooring lines, allows different boats to be moored. Located in the rue du Fer à Cheval in the lakeside city, this port benefits from an excellent location to shine on the canals of the town or even more widely in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. Offering amenities, including 6 showers and 6 WCs, the Port Grimaud Marina is a good solution for mooring your boat in the region.

Enjoy a private mooring with your accommodation!

Port Grimaud is renowned for having apartments and house with a mooring place.

By choosing an accommodation to buy or rent, you can also enjoy a personal mooring in front of the house or just a few meters away for your boat.

Discover our real estate offers in the lakeside city

Walks on the canals

What could be nicer than taking a boat trip along the canals of Port Grimaud!

Unique in its kind, the little Venice of Provence allows you to move through small calm canals to discover in the best possible way the flagship town of the Var coast. The stroll in the lakeside city will allow you to discover the picturesque and typically Provençal settings of this exceptional city in the south of France.

Sail along the water along the intersecting canals to make the most of your made in Provence visit.

Channels Port Grimaud - Logi-Service

Port Grimaud has no less than 8 canals to walk in peace throughout the town on the water without having to set foot on land:

  • Canal du Midi
  • Green Island Canal
  • Small canal
  • Western Channel
  • Canal - Giscle river
  • Grand canal
  • Canal du Rond d'Eau
  • Canal du Nord

Climb aboard an electric boat, a boat or even your own boat or sailboat and immerse yourself in the 50 years of history of Provençal Venice on the Côte d'Azur while sailing without stress on all channels of the municipality.

Shine from Port Grimaud throughout the Gulf of Saint-Tropez

Rich in a particular way of life and a unique peaceful environment, the famous lakeside city in the south of France is also an ideal starting point to embark on the discovery of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

The influence of Port Grimaud on the surroundings is considerable since it is a central point which immediately overlooks the famous Gulf of Saint-Tropez . Thus, by taking the sea by the La Giscle river or by the grand canal which is the recommended access channel, you can sail in the whole Gulf.

And there is no shortage of navigation routes! From the Provençal lakeside city, you can go to Saint-Tropez, the bay of Sainte Maxime or the Marines de Cogolin which are destinations close to Port Grimaud.

Port Grimaud view Gulf of Saint Tropez navigation - Logi-Service

If you want to navigate further afield, you can also take advantage of the location of Port Grimaud in the heart of the Var coast to go by boat to the side of Ramatuelle , Cavalaire-sur-Mer and even go to the outskirts of the Levant Islands or the Hyères Islands .

On the other side, you can shine towards the Gulf of Fréjus or the Gulf of Napoule for the most seasoned boaters.

As you will have understood, Port Grimaud is a true paradise for boaters! Sailing in Port Grimaud not only allows you to discover the unique Provencal town, but also to shine on the Côte d'Azur and the most beautiful anchorages in the Mediterranean.

Do you want to explore the best spots in the PACA region? Take advantage of the ideal geographical location of Port Grimaud. Expert real estate agency based in the lakeside city, Logi-Service helps you find a property with mooring to carry out your project in the best conditions.

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