The real estate market in Grimaud in 2018

The Gulf of Saint Tropez is one of the most visiting sites of French tourism according to the french newspaper Le Monde. Every year this part of the Côte d'Azur attracts more and more tourists for seasonal rentals but also interests new buyers. While properties for sale were scarce in the years 2000 to 2008 in Grimaud, today there is a large market of acquirers that has opened with more and more property offered for sale.

Apartment, studio, house or villa, if you are looking to invest in real estate on the Côte d'Azur, Logi-Service gives you an inventory of the real estate market in Grimaud in 2018.

Grimaud real estate: focus on the real estate market

The Côte d'Azur has been experiencing a real estate revival for some years and enjoys a real dynamism in terms of purchase / sale.

In the top 20 of the cities where the average price is the highest, the real estate market moves today in Grimaud and the surrounding area and the private sellers of real estate must adjust their price to the current market and study all the offers purchasers if they wish to sell their property as soon as possible.

Good to know :
exceptional properties remain apart from the game of supply and demand by their unique character

Price of houses for sale in Grimaud in 2018

House buy in Grimaud 2018

Looking to buy a house in Grimaud in the Var region (83) - South of France? Before you start buying, nothing beats the budget information for your project. Real estate expert installed in port-Grimaud, Logi-Service is working to help you find the best deals based on your research.

The median price of a house in Grimaud in 2018 is 902 500 €. The prices of real estate properties in the Var commune vary between € 672,500 and € 1,170,900 for the largest and most luxurious houses.

The strongest sales were in homes with 6 or more rooms (41% of sales), followed by 5-room homes (32.1% of sales) and 4-room homes (15.4% of sales). and finally small houses with 1 to 3 rooms (11.5% of sales)

Median purchase prices were 3.3% over 3 months, 12.8% year-on-year and down -1.6% over 5 years.

As demand is still constant in Grimaud and Grimaud port, real estate continues to attract the interest of French and foreign buyers.

Data from the period from 01/11/2017 to 31/10/2018 - Source: Notaires de France - PERVAL database

Prices of apartments / studios for sale in Grimaud - 2018

Apartment / studio price in Grimaud 2018

If your budget isn't enough to buy a house, you can buy a high quality apartment or studio in Grimaud. The median price of an apartment in Grimaud was 5960 € / m² in 2018.

Since 2018, the market for apartments in Grimaud has fluctuated between € 4,380 / m² and € 7,690 / m².

In contrast to the sales houses whose distribution is mainly based on the surface, it's not the largest apartments that sold best at Grimaud last year. 56.9% of apartment sales are for a 2-room unit

Follows after the 3-room apartments with 18.1% of sales, 15.3% of sales for studios, 8.3% for 4-room apartments and finally 1.4% sale of 5-room apartments and more.

Median prices were more attractive, down -1.9% over 3 months and -7.1 over one year. Over 5 years, however, the change is 11.1%.

Data from the period from 01/11/2017 to 31/10/2018 - Source: Notaires de France - PERVAL database

You will understand that the real estate market of Port Grimaud and Grimaud moves and often finds rare properties. Whether you are looking for a house with a boat mooring, a studio or an apartment, Logi-Service team accompanies you in your real estate project.

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